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A name worth trusting if you seek to avail Decorative Brass Candle Holder, Ceiling Lamps, Copper Mug, Wrought Iron Racks, and much more...

About Us

We, M/S Ray Export, are today extensively renowned as The Manufacturer, on which one can blindly rely to avail Copper Bottle, Decorative Lamps, Brass Candle Holder, Decorative Candle Holder and a lot more. We are highlighted in the markets because we work for earning clients' contentment rather profits. The reason why we give great emphasis toward making relation with clients by impressing them is because, if we win their support, prosperity will follow. This has proven to be true ever since we embarked our journey, and it will prove to be fruitful for us as long as we last.

We work with the ambition to attain prominence on a global level. For this we know that we must continue taking leaps in every new step we take in the markets. We carry a good track record, which makes us a proud and confident to enter new market. And with every step we take, we work with the intent of keep adding more stars to our track record.

Always Fulfilling Commitments

Some elements are mentioned below owing to which we succeed at staying true to our promises:-
  • A commendable team of personnel that makes sure we manufacture finest quality products in high quantity
  • The logistics personnel carry out their work with utmost perfection so that we timely deliver our products
  • Our undying enthusiasm and dedication to continue perfecting at all our works so that we attain clients' contentment
Why Avail Our Products?

The array of Copper Bottle, Brass Candle Holder, Decorative Candle Holder, Lamps, Hanging Decorations, etc., we serve, is the best option, be it for gifting anyone, or for personal uses. The prominence of our firm is a result of our ability to serve flawless products, which only earns praise from anyone who acknowledges.

We focus on excelling at each one of our task, so that we always succeed at delivering quality worth considering a piece of art. Employees working with us are responsible for the intricate details we put in our products. We have provided them excellent tools, and equipment, which they perfectly utilize in order to manufacture products precisely and perfectly as per the proposed designs. Therefore, all who avail from us, are always impressed, because they spend feasible amount of money to achieve the finest quality products.